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The longer you wait to tackle a weed problem, the more time and money it takes to solve. If you’ve spotted an invasive weed, contact us for a free site evaluation

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Japanese Knotweed
Himalayan Balsam
Giant Hogweed

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Japanese Knotweed
Himalayan Balsam
Giant Hogweed

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Specialising in Japanese Knotweed removal, and the eradication and control of a range of invasive weeds including Buddleia, Himalayan Balsam and Giant Hogweed, Invasive Weed Warriors are available to tackle invasive weeds across the North West. Supporting a wide range of clients including home owners and property managers, we aim to carefully and methodically eliminate weed infestations of any size.

Invasive weeds are more than just unsightly. A Japanese Knotweed infestation can be costly, damaging and can even hold up property sales. Buddleia can damage your property. Himalayan Balsam will ruin green spaces, and harm native plants. Giant Hogweed can cause real harm to anyone who comes into contact with its irritating sap – especially children with their delicate skin.

The key to a successful weed treatment is proactivity. So if you’ve seen the telltale signs of an infestation, pick up the phone and call 01663 765653

We will identify the weed, draw up a treatment plan, and get to work reducing the environmental and financial impact of these unwelcome invasive plants. And if you’re in need of Japanese Knotweed removal, you’ll benefit from our full insurance-backed guarantee.

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22 Aug 2018

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